Welcome to the launch of SBFITNESSLONDON.COM

I'm Sarah and for many years I've been into fitness for many reasons - largely because it makes me feel better. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. I have more energy, increased confidence and wellbeing from keeping active. I just feel better and want to help other women to feel the same. I decided to launch SBFITNESSLONDON as a service specifically for women. There seemed to be a large number of women whose fitness needs were not being catered for. I can offer help with general health & fitness, help you plan & train for an event. Provide pre and post natal training sessions. I can also help you if you are feeling daunted by doing any exercise, perhaps you are recovering from an injury, or an illness. Going through the menopause or struggling with symptoms of PMS. Maybe you have never done any physical exercise before and feel daunted by the thought of it.

This is a nurturing, inclusive and informative site, where you'll find lots of tips, information and various articles related to women's health, fitness and wellbeing. Please feel free to get in touch and join the community.

If you'd like to find out more about what we offer please email me at sbfitnesslondon@gmail.com or contact me via the website.

07974 364330

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