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Muswell Hill locals Sarah and Agnes met thanks to Harry, the chocolate Labrador. They discovered their shared love of self-development when they became each other's client. While Agnes was healing and coaching Sarah; Sarah did fitness training in return for Agnes.


Their unique approach to mindset and body training did wonders for both of them, and decided to open up this special transformation to others, too.


The 8 weeks transformation package includes 8 fitness training sessions, 4 coaching sessions and 4 healing sessions, plus an introductory session from Sarah and Agnes."

Mindset Bootcamp - PT programme

The Mindset Bootcamp PT programme will begin with a consultation, this is a chance for us to discuss your needs and goals. What investment do you want to make in yourself? We will cover all aspects of your lifestyle, fitness, health, nutrition and strength. You will get a full body composition analysis - which will include your BMI, height, weight and body fat ratio. An inclusive fitness test will measure your ability levels and allow us to gauge progress. We will use the data from this to review your journey at the end of the 8 weeks.

As part of our collaboration, I will focus on the physical aspects of your progress and growth. This undoubtedly contributes to how you will feel mentally and emotionally.

I train women of all shapes, sizes, ages and levels of ability, I am friendly, supportive and nurturing. I'll encourage you and support you. I'll ensure we fit your exercise plan into your lifestyle. As part of your PT programme, you will receive 8, 30-minute sessions of training, specifically designed for you. Tracking progress and offering support to you in-between sessions.

Mindset Bootcamp - Coaching and Healing


Similar to the PT programme the Coaching and Healing programme will start with a consultation. We will use the wheel of life exercise to find out what area of your life you’d like to work on during our sessions. As an intuitive coach I use traditional techniques but with a spiritual twist, adding mindfulness and positive psychology. As an energy healer I’m able to tune into your energy and detect if your charkas need rebalancing or your aura needs to be repaired. I’m also working with angel and tarot cards and if there are any messages from your Spirit Guide, during our sessions, I’m happy to pass it on.

Sarah’s Story


I'm Sarah – I worked in communications jobs and TV for many years, mainly because I enjoy being social and feel so much better when sharing time and working with others. A few years ago, I ran the London marathon for the Dogs Trust, I couldn’t believe I completed it – I’d never ran farther than 5K on my lunchbreak before and was terrified! Everyone was running for someone or indeed something, it was a deeply emotional. and humbling experience. The power of the body and the mind are truly incredible, people can achieve such amazing things with passion, commitment and determination.


This experience inspired me to become a personal trainer, launching SBFITNESSLONDON to help people realise their potential. Shortly after this I had a serious road traffic accident, breaking bones and suffering a brain haemorrhage. It was a real shock, a life changing experience, recovery took about a year. Thanks to being fit, surgery was avoided and with the help of some amazing women and keeping as active as I could, I was able to get my mental, emotional and physical health back.


This experience has enabled me to relate and understand so much more about the physical and mental challenges people face. Whist appreciating how amazing and precious our bodies and brains are, we do indeed need to look after them. After the last two years with the pandemic and lockdown affecting all our lives, mental and physical health is more in the spotlight than ever before. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to look after each other and appreciate what we have and look after it!

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Agnes’s Story


I always loved motivating others, both in my professional and my private life. I have a keen eye to spot hidden talents; people who lack confidence but could shine with the right support.


I studied mindfulness and energy healing over 20 years ago, followed by hypnotherapy and positive psychology. I coached and mentored people from various backgrounds and age groups globally, from the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, UK, and in many European countries.


Towards the end of 2019, I had to leave my dream job in the city. I repeatedly suffered from burnout and the last burnout was so serious it felt like I'm having a heart attack.


I developed severe anxiety and panic attacks and was no longer the person who was always smiling, mindful and full of ideas.


I didn’t know back then that we can have a burnout even from the things we love doing, because we don’t recognise that we are overworked, over-give or don’t take time to rest.


I realised that in order to heal; I have to put myself first and do the things which are aligned with my values. In my previous job I was responsible for developing and leading the Mentorship Programme for the UK, and it came as a natural transition to retrain myself as a life coach and start my own practice.


Since then, I became a fully qualified coach, trained and certified with The Coaching Academy; recognised by the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Coaching. In addition, I studied executive coaching at Cambridge University.


In 2021, I received the CREA Global Award as a recognition for my Intuitive Coaching and Healing, and I have published my wellbeing related articles in Brainz Magazine.

For information on Agnes' offers, please visit her website Mindset Salon. 

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